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Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands

Item Creation code [North America]
94000130 FFFB0000
120DC0E4 0000XXXX
120DC0EA 000000YY
D2000000 00000000

XXXX=Item Code
YY=Quantity (needs to be in HEX)

0000 sickle
0001 hoe
0002 axe
0003 hammer
0004 watering can
0005 brush
0006 milker
0007 clippers
0008 fishing rod
0009 bell

000A animal medicine
000B cow miracle potion
000C sheep miracle potion

000D turnip seeds (spring)
000E potato seeds (spring)
000F cucumber seeds
0010 strawberry seeds
0011 cabbage seeds
0012 tomato seeds (summer)
0013 corn seeds
0014 onion seeds
0015 pumpkin seeds
0016 pineapple seeds
0017 eggplant seeds (fall)
0018 carrot seeds
0019 yam seeds
001A spinach seeds
001B bell pepper seeds
001C peach seeds (all seasons)
001D banana seeds
001E orange seeds
001F apple seeds
0020 grape seeds
0021 grass seeds (all but winter)
0022 rice seeds
0023 wheat seeds
0024 soybean seeds (sp, su, fa)
0025 buckwheat seeds
0026 sprite seeds (sp, su, fa) only grow in harvest sprite island

0027 teleport stone

0028 turnip
0029 potato
002A cucumber
002B strawberry
002C cabbage
002D tomato
002E corn
002F onion
0030 pumpkin
0031 pineapple
0032 eggplant
0033 carrot
0034 yam
0035 spinach
0036 bell pepper
0037 peach
0038 banana
0039 orange
003A apple
003B grape
003C mushroom
003D mushroom cluster
003E truffle
003F poisonous mushroom
0040 rice
0041 wheat
0042 soybeans
0043 buckwheat
0044 edamame?(from sprite seeds?)
0045 seaweed
0046 bamboo shoot
0047 blueberry
0048 chestnut
0049 sea urchin
004A gelatin
004B rice flour
004C wheat flour
004D soybean flour
004E buckwheat flour
004F bread crumbs
0050 sweet rice flour
0051 egg
0052 silkie egg
0053 mayonnaise
0054 superb mayonnaise
0055 milk
0056 jersey milk
0057 cheese
0058 superb cheese
0059 yogurt
005A superb yogurt
005B butter
005C supperb butter
005D blue herb
005E green herb
005F red herb
0060 yellow herb
0061 orange herb
0062 purple herb
0063 indigo herb
0064 black grass
0065 white grass
0066 twin herb
0067 fish (s)
0068 fish (m)
0069 fish (l)
006A rice candy
006B oil
006C curry powder
006D chocolate

006E salad
006F pickled turnip
0070 mashed potatoes
0071 pickle
0072 onion salad
0073 boiled spinach
0074 tomato salad
0075 insalata di caprese
0076 herb salad
0077 spaghetti salad
0078 elli leaves
0079 vichyssoise
007A gazpacho
007B bouillabaisse
007C corn soup
007D onion soup
007E pumpkin soup
007F egg soup
0080 soy milk
0081 miso soup
0082 herb soup
0083 spaghetti soup
0084 tomato juice
0085 pineapple juice
0086 peach juice
0087 banana juice
0088 orange juice
0089 apple juice
008A grape juice
008B wine
008C carrot juice
008D blueberry juice
008E lassi
008F fruit juice
0090 vegetable juice
0091 mixed juice
0092 fruit smoothie
0093 vegetable smoothie
0094 mixed smoothie
0095 strawberry milk
0096 relax tea
0097 hot milk
0098 hot chocolate
0099 sangria
009A souper soup
009B steamed turnip
009C french fries
009D braised potato
009E stuffed cabbage
009F roasted corn
00A0 popcorn
00A1 corn cereal
00A2 cooked pumpkin
00A3 miso eggplant
00A4 grilled eggplant
00A5 baked yam
00A6 boiled egg
00A7 spa-boiled egg
00A8 fried egg
00A9 steamed egg custard
00AA rolled omelet
00AB sashimi
00AC fish sticks
00AD fish & chips
00AE grilled mushrooms
00AF foiled mushroom
00B0 mountain stew
00B1 stir-fried veggies
00B2 chop suey
00B3 sandwich
00B4 fruit sandwich
00B5 scone
00B6 raisin bread
00B7 jam bread
00B8 curry bread
00B9 toast
00BA french toast
00BB steamed bread
00BC dinner roll
00BD croquette
00BE cream croquette
00BF veggie dumpling
00C0 curry bun
00C1 pot sticker
00C2 stew
00C3 tempura
00C4 buckwheat chips
00C5 buckwheat ball
00C6 steamed bun
00C7 seaweed paste
00C8 spring roll
00C9 tofu
00CA natto
00CB okara
00CC deep-fried tofu
00CD fried tofu dumplings
00CE freeze-dried tofu
00CF boiled tofu
00D0 cold tofu
00D1 dried bean curd
00D2 mixed natto
00D3 fish natto
00D4 dairy natto
00D5 gem natto
00D6 rice candy natto
00D7 red flower mix natto
00D8 chazuke
00D9 omelet
00DA omelet rice
00DB fried egg over rice
00DC egg over rice
00DD milk soup
00DE cheese fondue
00DF vegetable gratin
00E0 pizza
00E1 sushi
00E2 sashimi bowl
00E3 grilled fish
00E4 simmered fish
00E5 fish meuniere
00E6 carpaccio
00E7 marinated fish
00E8 rice ball
00E9 bread
00EA toasted rice ball
00EB rice soup
00EC porridge
00ED fried rice
00EE risotto
00EF doria
00F0 paella
00F1 edamame rice
00F2 yam rice
00F3 mixed rice
00F4 mushroom rice
00F5 chestnut rice
00F6 bamboo shoot rice
00F7 tempura rice
00F8 tofu sushi rice
00F9 dry curry
00FA curry rice
00FB blue curry
00FC green curry
00FD red curry
00FE yellow curry
00FF orange curry
0100 purple curry
0101 indigo curry
0102 black curry
0103 white curry
0104 rainbow curry
0105 ultimate curry
0106 finest curry
0107 savory pancake
0108 noodles
0109 curry noodles
010A tempura noodles
010B fried thick noodles
010C buckwheat noodles
010D tempura soba
010E fried noodles
010F spaghetti
0110 tofu steak
0111 fried rice noodles
0112 poseidon bowl
0113 yam pudding
0114 pumpkin pudding
0115 baked banana
0116 chocolate banana
0117 candied yam
0118 yam dumpling
0119 baked apple
011A apple pie
011B pineapple pie
011C strawberry candy
011D sponge cake
011E pudding
011F cheesecake
0120 pancake
0121 donut
0122 cookie
0123 chocolate cookie
0124 ice cream
0125 trifle
0126 baumkechen
0127 churro
0128 cake
0129 steamed cake
012A chocolate cake
012B buckwheat dumpling
012C roasted rice candy
012D soybean rice candy
012E green dumplings
012F bamboo dumpling
0130 fruit dumpling
0131 chocolate fondue
0132 yam gelatin
0133 chestnut gelatin
0134 chestnut bun
0135 chestnut kinton
0136 sweet and sunny
0137 rice
0138 strawberry jam
0139 apple jam
013A grape jam
013B blueberry jam
013C marmalade

013D ketchup
013E miso
013F relax tea leaves

0140 bodigizer
0141 bodigizer xl
0142 hungerizer
0143 hungerizer xl

0144 blue book
0145 green book
0146 red book
0147 yellow book
0148 orange book
0149 purple book
014A indigo book
014B black book
014C white book

014D failed dish

014E reaped rice
014F reaped wheat
0150 reaped buckwheat
0151 reaped soybean

0152 moondrop flower
0153 pinkcat flower
0154 blue magic flower
0155 red magic flower
0156 toyflower
0157 firefly flower

0158 wool
0159 suffolk wool
015A yarn
015B superb yarn

015C junk ore
015D copper
015E silver
015F gold
0160 mystrile
0161 orichalcum
0162 adamantite
0163 moon stone
0164 sand rose
0165 pink diamond
0166 alexandrite (red)
0167 alexandrite (green)
0168 mythic stone
0169 diamond
016A emerald
016B ruby
016C topaz
016D peridot
016E fluorite
016F agate
0170 amethyst

0171 the spring sun (sets seasons in greenhouse)
0172 the summer sun
0173 the fall sun
0174 the winter sun

0175 weed (grass type)
0176 weed (flower type)
0177 stone
0178 branch
0179 lumber
017A material stone
017B gold lumber
017C stone tablet
017D botle
017E pirate treasure
017F fish fossil
0180 empty can
0181 boot
0182 fish bone
0183 fodder
0184 chicken feed
0185 pet food
0186 mouse food
0187 sparrow food
0188 rabbit food
0189 duck food
018A badger food
018B monkey food
018C after leaving food (?)
018D 10.000G ticket
018E 1.000.000G ticket
018F blue feather

0190 blue wonderful
0191 green wonderful
0192 red wonderful
0193 yellow wonderful
0194 orange wonderful
0195 purple wonderful
0196 indogo wonderful
0197 wonderful piece (collect 7 to make wondeful)

0198 pedometer (counts steps)
0199 godhand (pick items that far away)
019A H. goddess earrings (restore sta (s)
019B H. goddess earrings (restore sta (m)
019C H. goddess earrings (restore sta (l)
019D kappa earrings (restore ful (s))
019E kappa earrings (restore ful (m)
019F kappa earrings (restore ful (l)
01A0 witch P. earrings (restore sta and full (s))
01A1 witch P. earrings (restore sta and full (m)
01A2 witch P. earrings (restore sta and full (l)
01A3 friendship pedant (friendships easier to build (s)
01A4 friendship pedant (friendships easier to build (m)
01A5 friendship pedant (friendships easier to build (l)
01A6 turbo shoes (inc move speed)
01A7 time slowing ring
01A8 time quickening ring
01A9 H. goddess pendant (inc max sta (s))
01AA H. goddess pendant (inc max sta (m)
01AB H. goddess pendant (inc max sta (l)
01AC kappa pendant (inc max ful (s)
01AD kappa pendant (inc max ful (m)
01AE kappa pendant (inc max ful (l)
01AF witch P. pendant (inc sta and ful (s)
01B0 witch P. pendant (inc sta and ful (m)
01B1 witch P. pendant (inc sta and ful (l)

Max Lumber
020EC648 000003E7

Max Stone
020EC64E 000003E7

Max Golden Lumber
020EC654 000003E7

Harvest Sprite Affection
C0000000 00000027
120E4A4E 0000FFFF
DC000000 0000000C
D2000000 00000000

Max Sun Stones
220EA23E 00000063

[SELECT]Max Affection with Villagers
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000080
120E48C2 0000FFFF
DC000000 0000000C
D2000000 00000000

[SELECT]Max Affection with Wild Animals
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000005
120E9FA8 000003E8
220E9FAA 00000063
DC000000 00000014
D2000000 00000000

Animal Affection Max After Skinship
0205F9C4 EA000002

WaterCan Never Decrease
220579EC 00000000

[SEL+Up On, SEL+Down Off]Time Never Increase
94000130 FF7B0000
0203537C E5C51015
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFBB0000
0203537C E1A00000
D2000000 00000000

[SELECT]All Foods for Animals
94000130 FFFB0000
120EC65A 0000270F
120EC660 0000270F
121EC666 0000270F
D2000000 00000000

[SELECT+Down]All Mineral Stones Info
94000130 FF7B0000
C0000000 00000015
020EB91C 0001869F
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000

[SELECT]All Items in Fridge + S rank
94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 C8C80028
C0000000 00000046
D6000000 020DC7BC
D4000000 00000001
DC000000 00000008
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000046
020DC7C0 006300C8
DC000000 0000000C
D2000000 00000000

-----Season Modifiers------

Spring (Press L+R+Up):
94000130 FCBF0000
220DBE48 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Summer (Press L+R+Right):
94000130 FCEF0000
220DBE48 00000001
D2000000 00000000

Fall (Press L+R+Down):
94000130 FC7F0000
220DBE48 00000002
D2000000 00000000

Winter (Press L+R+Left)
94000130 FCDF0000
220DBE48 00000003
D2000000 00000000

Max Money

Max Stamina
220DBE94 00000064
223C0DBC 00000064

Max Fullness
220DBE98 00000064
223C0DBE 00000064

------Weather Codes-----

Very Sunny
220DBE54 00000001

220DBE54 00000002

220DBE54 00000003

Very Rainy
220DBE54 00000004

220DBE54 00000005

220DBE54 00000006

Vicious Storm
220DBE54 00000007

Vicious Snow Storm
220DBE54 00000008


  1. Hope these weather codes work. D: My yams keep dying!


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