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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies [US]

Game ID:YDQE-23a95403

Max Gold
020f6d48 3b9ac9ff

Max Gold In Bank
020f6d44 3b9ac9ff


Max Skill Points Remaining
120f59dc 00002710


Quick Level Up
220f55c8 000000ff

Faster Level Up
120f55c8 0000ffff

Instant Level 99
020f55c8 0052c37f


  1. How does the Lvl 99 code work like you press a button or what?

  2. Yea i cant get any of the xp codes to work. the skill points does though, havent tried the money

  3. No there shouldn't be any button to push.

    I found some more exp codes

    EXP Multiplier x2
    5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832082 D0000000 00000000

    EXP Multiplier x4
    5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832102 D0000000 00000000

    EXP Multiplier x8
    5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832182 D0000000 00000000

    EXP Multiplier x16
    5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832202 D0000000 00000000

    EXP Multiplier x32
    5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832282 D0000000 00000000

    EXP Multiplier x64
    5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832302 D0000000 00000000

    EXP Multiplier x128
    5215525C E0832002 0215525C E0832382 D0000000 00000000

  4. The (EU) ar codes work for the (US) game try out thes...(copy and paste them)I take no credit for them and you might want to hit select first)
    All Upper Body Armor
    94000130 fffb0000
    020f64d8 35e135df
    120f64dc 000035e2
    e20f6370 00000168
    32c932c8 32cb32ca
    32cd32cc 32cf32ce
    32d232d1 32d432d3
    32d632d5 32d832d7
    32da32d9 32dd32dc
    32df32de 32e132e0
    32e332e2 32e732e4
    32e932e8 32eb32ea
    32ed32ec 32ef32ee
    32f132f0 33273318
    33293328 332b332a
    332d332c 332f332e
    33693368 3372336a
    33743373 33763375
    33783377 337a3379
    337c337b 337e337d
    3380337f 33823381
    33843383 33863385
    33893388 338b338a
    338d338c 338f338e
    33913390 33933392
    33953394 33973396
    33993398 339b339a
    33eb33ea 33f433ec
    33f633f5 33f833f7
    33fa33f9 33fc33fb
    33fe33fd 340033ff
    34023401 34043403
    34063405 340c3408
    340e340d 3410340f
    344e3411 34b2344f
    34bc34b3 34be34bd
    34c034bf 34c234c1
    34c434c3 34c634c5
    34c934c7 34cb34ca
    34cd34cc 34cf34ce
    34d134d0 351634d2
    35213520 35233522
    35253524 35273526
    35293528 352c352a
    352e352d 3530352f
    35323531 35343533
    35363535 35383537
    353a3539 357f353b
    35843580 35de3585
    d5000000 00000063
    c0000000 000000b6
    d8000000 020f64f0
    d2000000 00000000

    All Weapons
    94000130 fffb0000
    020f61c0 51b651b5
    e20f5fb0 00000210
    4a6b4a6a 4a6d4a6c
    4a6f4a6e 4a724a71
    4a744a73 4a764a75
    4a784a77 4a7a4a79
    4a7c4a7b 4a7e4a7d
    4ace4a7f 4ad04acf
    4ad24ad1 4ad44ad3
    4ad64ad5 4ad84ad7
    4ada4ad9 4adc4adb
    4ade4add 4ae04adf
    4e214e20 4e234e22
    4e254e24 4e274e26
    4e294e28 4e2b4e2a
    4e2d4e2c 4e2f4e2e
    4e314e30 4e334e32
    4e354e34 4e374e36
    4e394e38 4e3b4e3a
    4e3d4e3c 4e854e84
    4e874e86 4e894e88
    4e8b4e8a 4e8d4e8c
    4e8f4e8e 4e914e90
    4e934e92 4e954e94
    4e974e96 4e994e98
    4e9b4e9a 4ee84e9c
    4eea4ee9 4eec4eeb
    4ef04eef 4ef24ef1
    4ef44ef3 4ef64ef5
    4ef84ef7 4f454f43
    4f4d4f4c 4f4f4f4e
    4f514f50 4f534f52
    4f554f54 4f574f56
    4f594f58 4f5b4f5a
    4f5d4f5c 4f5f4f5e
    4f614f60 4fb14fb0
    4fb34fb2 4fb54fb4
    4fb74fb6 4fb94fb8
    4fbb4fba 4fbd4fbc
    4fbf4fbe 4fc14fc0
    4fc34fc2 500e500d
    5010500f 50155014
    50175016 50195018
    501b501a 501d501c
    501f501e 50215020
    50235022 50255024
    50275026 50295028
    502b502a 50795078
    507b507a 507d507c
    507f507e 50815080
    50835082 50855084
    50875086 50895088
    508b508a 508d508c
    50dd50dc 50df50de
    50e150e0 50e350e2
    50e550e4 50e750e6
    50e950e8 50eb50ea
    50ed50ec 50ef50ee
    51415140 51435142
    51455144 51475146
    51495148 514b514a
    514d514c 514f514e
    51515150 51535152
    51555154 51a45156
    51a651a5 51a851a7
    51aa51a9 51ac51ab
    51ae51ad 51b051af
    51b251b1 51b451b3
    d5000000 00006363
    c0000000 00000084
    d7000000 020f61d0
    d2000000 00000000

    All Lower Body Armor
    94000130 fffb0000
    120f6658 00003edd
    e20f65b0 000000a8
    3edf3ede 3ee73ee4
    3f3f3ee8 3f4a3f48
    3f4c3f4b 3f4e3f4d
    3f503f4f 3f523f51
    3f543f53 3f563f55
    3f583f57 3f5a3f59
    3f5c3f5b 3f5e3f5d
    3f603f5f 3f653f64
    3f673f66 3f693f68
    3f6b3f6a 3f6d3f6c
    3f713f70 3f743f73
    3f763f75 3f7b3f78
    3f7f3f7c 3f813f80
    3f833f82 3f853f84
    3f873f86 3f9e3f9b
    3fa03f9f 3fa23fa1
    3fac3fa3 3fae3fad
    3fb03faf 3fb23fb1
    3fb43fb3 3fb63fb5
    3fb83fb7 3fbc3fb9
    3fbe3fbd 40063fbf
    d5000000 00000063
    c0000000 00000054
    d8000000 020f6670
    d2000000 00000000

    All Boots and Shoes
    94000130 fffb0000
    120f6a38 0000440d
    e20f6970 000000c8
    42c442c3 42c642c5
    42c842c7 42cd42cc
    42cf42ce 42d142d0
    42d342d2 42d542d4
    42d742d6 42d942d8
    42db42da 42dd42dc
    42df42de 42f442e0
    42f642f5 42fe42f7
    43034300 43074306
    430b4308 430d430c
    430f430e 43114310
    43134312 43154314
    43194318 431b431a
    431e431d 4320431f
    43224321 43244323
    43274325 43294328
    432b432a 432d432c
    432f432e 43964394
    43ef4397 43f243f0
    43f443f3 43f643f5
    43f943f8 43fb43fa
    43fd43fc 43ff43fe
    44014400 44034402
    44054404 44074406
    44094408 440c440b
    d5000000 00000063
    c0000000 00000064
    d8000000 020f6a50
    d2000000 00000000
    ...You might have to walk around a bit.

  5. the auto lvl 99 code only works with the main character as a minstrel same for the quick and faster level up codes!!!

  6. the other exp codes work for all of the characters you will notice the change of exp after winning a monster encounter

  7. remove restriction

    520dd708 e1840000
    020dd708 e3a00000
    d0000000 00000000
    you know martial artist can use wands axes hammers bows and swords

  8. i hate geting codes of the internet...... nobody tells the truth. does the exp multiplyers work?????

  9. is an1 ABSOLUTELY sure the lvl 9 code only works for a minstrel? 0_o

  10. lvl 99, srry. xD

  11. How do you use these codes?

  12. do you need a special type of game enhancer to use these codes?

  13. You need a action replay, you can get one for $20 at walmart,gamestop or bestbuy.

  14. there are so many must take forever to type all that

  15. yeah i cant get any lv 99 codes to work on my luminary

  16. The all upper body armour and any of the other armour cheats froze up my game how do i make them work?

  17. that is a risk that ya have to take on the codes

  18. to get the level 99 codes to work u hav to select it and then go onto the game and fight a monster and after u hav killed it the main person will be lvl 99

  19. lol whoever wants there hero to be lv99 its such a waste of the game armour shoes and money cheats are the best because you can play the game without it freezing up and the person who said theres frose make sure the game is a uk code on the game or us

  20. hi peoples this is the best game ever!!!!!!

  21. so if your game freezes up you have to start the wole game all over?

  22. I'm glad i got frustrated with those codes 0_0

  23. if you look at alot of different websites for dq9 codes, most of them will be different

  24. Hello. I want lv. 99 at any vocation for p4 ranger. us, ar dsi, tested.

  25. here are codes for instant level up.

  26. I have a exp code that works that gives you x32 exp and there are others like it like x2, x4, x6, x8, and I was wondering if those combine together for, as an example, x2 + x32 = x64?

  27. r there any eu codes for hypernova sword anyone?

  28. Request a ar code at

  29. These are helpful, thanks. Any codes for all achemy recipes? Thanks

  30. CHEATS ARE GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!


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