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How to get all legendary Pokemon

Victini (Garden Liberty)
Take your Liberty ticket and go to City Castelo. If you have a ticket to Liberty and talk to one of the people on the platforms, you will go where you plasma teams out with them. Victini will be in the basement of the building on the island.

Cobalion (Cave Mistralton)
Cobalion is Mistralton Cave. All you need are surf, flash and strength. Mistralton cave is located just before batch Stone Cave. There is also a house at the entrance of the cave batch Stone. You should go to the back of this house and turn right, you will find a stream. Use the surf and head right, after a while you will find the cave. Inside, use the flash and the strength. Cobalion is in the 3rd Floor.

Terrakion (Victoria Street)
After finding Cobalion, now it is time to find Terrakion. To do this, fly the Pokemon League, then down to the Victory Road. Go right into the cave at the top of the mountain. If you see your opponent (if you can win the game), down a staircase on the left. Drive to the stone you need to use force to find out. Go left and see the cave that leads Terrakion.

Virizon (turnstile Forest)
Once you have fought their brothers, head of Pinwheel forest. You will see an opening which hasn’t been there before in the eastern part of the forest.

Tornadus (black) / Thundurus (White) (roaming)
They are randomly wandering in mornings in the south and afternoon in the north. You can find them at times and places in question.

Landorus (Sanctuary abundant)
Once you both Thundurus and Tornadus, visit the Abundant Shrine to find Landorous. The Abundant Shrine is in the western part of the 14th Route. You have to get surf and waterfall to get there.

Kyurem (Giant Sima)
Head to the route 13 to get to the Giant Chasm. Head along the beach and try to avoid the rocks to the northeast of the beach. After going for a while to the north, you will see the stairs. Jump on it and you will see a cave. Go through the exit. To achieve this Kyurem, you need go into the forest, there you will find a lake. The forest will freeze and let you access Kyurem in the cave.

Zekrom / Reshiram (Castillo N / Torre Dragonsipral)
Finally, you will meet in the main version of the legendary course of history. However, if you catch the first defeat of the legendary Dragon Spiral can still be found, the Battle Tower, and once the game is over.


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Pokemon Black [Japan] Part 2

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Game ID: IRBJ B39DB08A

Max Cash [L+R]
94000130 FCFF0000
0223CC0C 000F423F
D2000000 00000000

Rare Candy 999, 1 to recover
02234604 03E70032

Walk Through Walls
Note:L+A to Enable. L+B to Disable
94000130 FDFC0002
1216367A 00000200
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDFD0000
1216367A 00001C20
D0000000 00000000

Catch Trainers Pokemon
521CA8D0 98021C06
121CB8CC 000046C0
D0000000 00000000

Instant Text Display
5201D0B0 D1024281
1201D038 000046C0
1201D0B2 0000D1D1
D0000000 00000000

100% Capture Ratio
121CBAF4 000046C0
D0000000 00000000

[SEL] All Berries x900
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000003F
122346A6 00000384
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 00000095
C0000000 0000003F
D7000000 022346A4
D4000000 00000001
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000

[SEL] All TM
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000005B
00000001 12234432
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 00000148
C0000000 0000005B

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Game ID: IPGE-2D5118CA

Max Cash (Press L+R)
94000130 fcff0000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
00000088 000f423f
d2000000 00000000

Reset Game Time (Press L+R+SELECT)
94000130 fcfb0000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
10000096 00000000
10000098 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Max Mom Savings (Press L+R)
94000130 fcff0000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
0000c0e8 000f423f
d2000000 00000000


Restore Health (Press START)
94000130 fff70000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
10049e60 000003e8
10049e64 000003e8
d2000000 00000000

1 Hit Kills Pokemon (Press SELECT)
94000130 fffb0000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
10049f20 00000001
10049f24 00000001
d2000000 00000000

Easy Captures
92247612 00002801
12247612 00004280
d2000000 00000000

Can Capture Trainer Pokemon
9224670a 00002101
1224670a 00002100
d2000000 00000000


Normal Experience From Battle (Press: R+START)
94000130 fef70000

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