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Pokemon Black [Japan] Part 2

Finally I was able to get some pokemon black AR codes Enjoy!

Game ID: IRBJ B39DB08A

Max Cash [L+R]
94000130 FCFF0000
0223CC0C 000F423F
D2000000 00000000

Rare Candy 999, 1 to recover
02234604 03E70032

Walk Through Walls
Note:L+A to Enable. L+B to Disable
94000130 FDFC0002
1216367A 00000200
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDFD0000
1216367A 00001C20
D0000000 00000000

Catch Trainers Pokemon
521CA8D0 98021C06
121CB8CC 000046C0
D0000000 00000000

Instant Text Display
5201D0B0 D1024281
1201D038 000046C0
1201D0B2 0000D1D1
D0000000 00000000

100% Capture Ratio
121CBAF4 000046C0
D0000000 00000000

[SEL] All Berries x900
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000003F
122346A6 00000384
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 00000095
C0000000 0000003F
D7000000 022346A4
D4000000 00000001
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000

[SEL] All TM
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000005B
00000001 12234432
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 00000148
C0000000 0000005B
D7000000 02234430
D4000000 00000001
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000

[SEL] All HM
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000005
122345A2 00000001
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 000001A4
C0000000 00000005
D7000000 022345A0
D4000000 00000001
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000

Experience Multiplier Codes

521D6D0C 46C0BDF8
121D7D0E 00002502
121D7D10 00004345
D0000000 00000000

521D6D0C 46C0BDF8
121D7D0E 00002504
121D7D10 00004345
D0000000 00000000

521D6D0C 46C0BDF8
121D7D0E 00002508
121D7D10 00004345
D0000000 00000000

521D6D0C 46C0BDF8
121D7D0E 00002510
121D7D10 00004345
D0000000 00000000

521D6D0C 46C0BDF8
121D7D0E 00002520
121D7D10 00004345
D0000000 00000000

521D6D0C 46C0BDF8
121D7D0E 00002540
121D7D10 00004345
D0000000 00000000

Disable No Exp AP
Credits to 2ch
52004EA4 E12FFF1E
E2004660 0000005C
E59F003C E5901000
E59F2038 E1510002
059F1034 05801008
05801148 059F102C
058010A8 058011E8
E59F0024 E5901000
E59F2020 E1510002
03A01001 05C0100A
E12FFF1E 02188064
E15F034F 36AAB337
36E0AA6A 02180C60
28AAFF1F 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Double Speed (Black)
52197054 BD381C28
02198050 085F0056
D0000000 00000000

Immediate Turn (Black)
521A3600 68A0D102
121A45FA 0000E001
121A4606 0000E001
D0000000 00000000

First Move Infinite PP (Black)
9226D4E2 00FF0200
9226D4E6 00FF0200
6226D510 00000000
DB000000 0226D60B
D8000000 0226D60A
D8000000 0226D60F
D8000000 0226DA50
D8000000 0226DA55
D2000000 00000000

Second Move Infinite PP (Black)
9226D4E2 00FF0200
9226D4E6 00FF0200
6226D510 00000000
DB000000 0226D619
D8000000 0226D618
D8000000 0226D61D
D8000000 0226DA5E
D8000000 0226DA63
D2000000 00000000

Third Move Infinite PP (Black)
9226D4E2 00FF0200
9226D4E6 00FF0200
6226D510 00000000
DB000000 0226D627
D8000000 0226D626
D8000000 0226D62B
D8000000 0226DA6C
D8000000 0226DA71
D2000000 00000000

Fourth Move Infinite PP (Black)
9226D4E2 00FF0200
9226D4E6 00FF0200
6226D510 00000000
DB000000 0226D635
D8000000 0226D634
D8000000 0226D639
D8000000 0226DA7A
D8000000 0226DA7F
D2000000 00000000


  1. Hi, how do I add these to my M3 DS Real?

  2. wow these cheats a great especially double speed

  3. i saw all these videos on youtube :@

  4. wow... thx for share

  5. btw, is there cheat to get celebi from movie 13th??

  6. need more like an event celebi in box 8 code so yu can do the zorua event

  7. how are you guys using these? i'm using the desmume emulator and all i'm getting is, "error can't save cheats to file" when i try to save them..

  8. These codes do not work on my AR. When I hit start with a cheat enabled, I get 2 blank white screens and the game does not load. Please email me at with help

  9. dude these work great .. im using DeSmuME emulator and it works sooooo flawlessly ..thanx a mill dude

  10. these codes are awesome,they work great on my are 4!

  11. These codes do not work for my AR. Whenever I hit start with a cheat enabled I get a blank white screen. And the game doesn't load. Please e-mail me at with help. Thank you.

    Wow dudes, here is the event code fort celebi from movie 13th,
    94003022 87650000
    12128870 56870980
    d0000000 00000000
    98433332 10902300
    24430333 22322456
    d2000000 000000000
    (it will be in box 4 slot 1, press L + R select start up arrow
    to activate)

  13. Request!

    Buy any items from pokemarts!

  14. lol the celebi 13th movie code from the Annon up there is jank will reset the game before you even press up arrow xD

  15. works great! thanx a ton for the AP cheat i couldn't get that to work!... but I've found if you turn on cheats before you start the game on DeSmuME it sometimes freezes the game...

  16. hey guys can someone help me please everytime i try to save a ar codes DeSmuME wont let me help anyone??

  17. yeah the celebi ,how to activate L+R+select+Start will soft reset.i think its fake

  18. please i need ar code for liberty ticket,zorua,and zoroark events.please help :-(

  19. movie celebi to zorua event (select+up)


    94000130 FFFB0000
    0221BE0C 5535D67A
    0221BE10 16CE0000
    0221BE14 B177C8EB
    0221BE18 7975B505
    0221BE1C B255F9C0
    0221BE20 426DD62F
    0221BE24 37DFAB49
    0221BE28 4D1A59F7
    0221BE2C AF29F952
    0221BE30 9E99AAA6
    0221BE34 C1A2F93E
    0221BE38 8F53459E
    0221BE3C 995E722D
    0221BE40 EC33556A
    0221BE44 1AF1CEDF
    0221BE48 24051593
    0221BE4C 7D4027B1
    0221BE50 19C1A90E
    0221BE54 67AF05AB
    0221BE58 76563DD3
    0221BE5C 5EBC6018
    0221BE60 EBA7837E
    0221BE64 A8D342AA
    0221BE68 F22AF112
    0221BE6C 7FF4966E
    0221BE70 1850A020
    0221BE74 28B4510E
    0221BE78 B9BCF45D
    0221BE7C 06F12850
    0221BE80 7AD819AA
    0221BE84 37957D19
    0221BE88 8B5361DA
    0221BE8C A9B6DA2C
    0221BE90 B7DF074B
    D2000000 00000000


    94000130 FFFB0000
    0221BE2C 5535D67A
    0221BE30 16CE0000
    0221BE34 B177C8EB
    0221BE38 7975B505
    0221BE3C B255F9C0
    0221BE40 426DD62F
    0221BE44 37DFAB49
    0221BE48 4D1A59F7
    0221BE4C AF29F952
    0221BE50 9E99AAA6
    0221BE54 C1A2F93E
    0221BE58 8F53459E
    0221BE5C 995E722D
    0221BE60 EC33556A
    0221BE64 1AF1CEDF
    0221BE68 24051593
    0221BE6C 7D4027B1
    0221BE70 19C1A90E
    0221BE74 67AF05AB
    0221BE78 76563DD3
    0221BE7C 5EBC6018
    0221BE80 EBA7837E
    0221BE84 A8D342AA
    0221BE88 F22AF112
    0221BE8C 7FF4966E
    0221BE90 1850A020
    0221BE94 28B4510E
    0221BE98 B9BCF45D
    0221BE9C 06F12850
    0221BEA0 7AD819AA
    0221BEA4 37957D19
    0221BEA8 8B5361DA
    0221BEAC A9B6DA2C
    0221BEB0 B7DF074B
    D2000000 00000000

    replaces 1st pokemon in 1st box.but this pokemon is lvl 100.

  20. movie shiny entei to zoroark event (select+up)


    94000130 FFFB0000
    0221BE0C 27A055B8
    0221BE10 B6F50000
    0221BE14 C830EE7E
    0221BE18 F600B6CB
    0221BE1C 4B2EBEB7
    0221BE20 12D30CF0
    0221BE24 F0880D36
    0221BE28 C8057BE5
    0221BE2C 74B4CACD
    0221BE30 FEC2949E
    0221BE34 E440DD50
    0221BE38 61740073
    0221BE3C 9915BB32
    0221BE40 A6B70F18
    0221BE44 DB3FAD5F
    0221BE48 BE444104
    0221BE4C F97005A8
    0221BE50 12D7F600
    0221BE54 2B702368
    0221BE58 B90FCA2C
    0221BE5C 2137A43A
    0221BE60 B452B8FA
    0221BE64 4F3E80D3
    0221BE68 D548F773
    0221BE6C 38F054E8
    0221BE70 A5543A2E
    0221BE74 D4EE35D7
    0221BE78 F6DA73D2
    0221BE7C FC412690
    0221BE80 9F17F64A
    0221BE84 EA559129
    0221BE88 A2576C81
    0221BE8C D78287C1
    0221BE90 F390FBF1
    D2000000 00000000


    94000130 FFFB0000
    0221BE2C 27A055B8
    0221BE30 B6F50000
    0221BE34 C830EE7E
    0221BE38 F600B6CB
    0221BE3C 4B2EBEB7
    0221BE40 12D30CF0
    0221BE44 F0880D36
    0221BE48 C8057BE5
    0221BE4C 74B4CACD
    0221BE50 FEC2949E
    0221BE54 E440DD50
    0221BE58 61740073
    0221BE5C 9915BB32
    0221BE60 A6B70F18
    0221BE64 DB3FAD5F
    0221BE68 BE444104
    0221BE6C F97005A8
    0221BE70 12D7F600
    0221BE74 2B702368
    0221BE78 B90FCA2C
    0221BE7C 2137A43A
    0221BE80 B452B8FA
    0221BE84 4F3E80D3
    0221BE88 D548F773
    0221BE8C 38F054E8
    0221BE90 A5543A2E
    0221BE94 D4EE35D7
    0221BE98 F6DA73D2
    0221BE9C FC412690
    0221BEA0 9F17F64A
    0221BEA4 EA559129
    0221BEA8 A2576C81
    0221BEAC D78287C1
    0221BEB0 F390FBF1
    D2000000 00000000

    replaces 1st pokemon in 1st box.but this pokemon is lvl 100.

  21. the item codes dont work.
    when I hold select, which seems to be the button to start it, the game freezes.

    Also, request;
    Turn Pokemon To Shiny.
    first pokemon in box one, first in party, whatever, a shiny converter. Is it possible?

  22. I tried all tm code on desmume 0.9.6 and it didn´t work. the game freeze. Can you help me please?

  23. hey yo's, there is a way to change the activation buttons for the cheats, when i had an action replay for my ds lite, some of my buttons (L+R) didn't work, so i changed the codes, and it changed the activation's in the second set in the first line of code... like, for example,FCFF = L + R, FFBB = SELECT + UP
    FDFF = L, FEFF = R, FCBF = UP + L + R, FFFB = SELECT, FFF7 = START, FEFD = R + B.... so yeah, change the way you activate the codes....

  24. Ok so i got codes on my Acekard2i for my dsi but i dont know how to add more to them, just wondering if anyone knows how to edit that file or knows of a new action replay file for the acekard that consists the data for Black, Please let me know ill be look on here

  25. does ar codes work foe the actual ds game or do thees only work for emulators

  26. Can Anybody Post A Liberty Ticket Code!

  27. Is there any forget HM AR


  29. does this code work or does it freeze your game[SEL] All HM
    94000130 FFFB0000
    C0000000 00000005
    122345A2 00000001
    DC000000 00000004
    D2000000 00000000
    94000130 FFFB0000
    D5000000 000001A4
    C0000000 00000005
    D7000000 022345A0
    D4000000 00000001
    DC000000 00000002
    D2000000 00000000

  30. freeze on desmume 0.9.6, can someone help with this?

  31. liberty ticket code plsss.... :c

  32. somebody can fix the all tm code???

  33. Anonymous said...

    Hi, how do I add these to my M3 DS Real?
    September 19, 2010 10:01 PM
    Send me an e-mail at and i will explain everything to you.

  34. ::Have all TMs and HMs v2 [SELECT]
    :::Thanks to elixirdream for the original code and Daft Zero for the values for TMs 93-95.
    94000130 FFFB0000
    022345A0 0001026A
    022345A4 0001026B
    022345A8 0001026C
    D5000000 00010148
    C0000000 0000005A
    D6000000 02234430
    D4000000 00000001
    D2000000 00000000
    94000130 FFFB0000
    D5000000 000101A4
    C0000000 00000004
    D6000000 022345AC
    D4000000 00000001
    D2000000 00000000

    working on desmume 0.9.6

  35. Hello

    So, I am using desume 0.9.6
    The codes do work, but the catch trainer's pokemon code only works by capturing the "first" pokemon on the list- is there a possible fix for this?
    Thank you.

  36. @sarah, if u want to catch the trainer's second pokemon then don't catch the first, becuz after u capture a trainer's pokemon the battle ends

  37. All the codes work great on my ttds and i will upload some more codes tommorow that will probably work because I use Pokesav.

  38. Liberty ticket pliss *-*

  39. ... I do know how the catch trainer's pokemon cheat works- but the code is malfunctioning for this one, so that even if you beat the first three pokemon and throw a ball at the fourth one, it captures whatever was first on the list.

  40. Can any1 make a code for shiny pokemon?

  41. hey can anyone get a code for adventure items?

  42. any1 knows ar codes for english patched version Gme ID: IRBJ 44483E75. Thanks

  43. The codes work the same on the English patched version.

  44. Venasaur, Charizard and Blastoies. (seperate codes, press select and they will apper in box 4)
    Venasaur: 94000130 FFFB0000
    0221EE0C 9B6570BB
    0221EE10 64E10000
    0221EE14 7FE545E2
    0221EE18 EE5B5F15
    0221EE1C 29D3A73A
    0221EE20 C505EE11
    0221EE24 13F64B24
    0221EE28 BE96338E
    0221EE2C 50F3DA7A
    0221EE30 33EF85C4
    0221EE34 9127D009
    0221EE38 21354572
    0221EE3C 9DD0C535
    0221EE40 8B9EBAF1
    0221EE44 B1FC976F
    0221EE48 AA11200A
    0221EE4C BB36C06B
    0221EE50 70AC6167
    0221EE54 479C5763
    0221EE58 87985713
    0221EE5C 7C490152
    0221EE60 6FB3A720
    0221EE64 6D02B2B4
    0221EE68 16D13C2B
    0221EE6C 21BAB03E
    0221EE70 50BC1D72
    0221EE74 60F2BF5A
    0221EE78 CECD1009
    0221EE7C 42C1920F
    0221EE80 37F19637
    0221EE84 1BB585D0
    0221EE88 884A33E6
    0221EE8C C57D48C5
    0221EE90 99E59620
    D2000000 00000000

    94000130 FFFB0000
    0221EE94 9B6570BB
    0221EE98 667D0000
    0221EE9C BDE32107
    0221EEA0 00D528B2
    0221EEA4 2070DECA
    0221EEA8 4E18B7E3
    0221EEAC C24E94B4
    0221EEB0 F0F7672B
    0221EEB4 CA1F61B3
    0221EEB8 D3708B13
    0221EEBC 50A69240
    0221EEC0 6F44DA37
    0221EEC4 6A8A7260
    0221EEC8 D0E893D8
    0221EECC DC6445C5
    0221EED0 5F126E73
    0221EED4 F68D5358
    0221EED8 6ED50AF4
    0221EEDC 296E5B77
    0221EEE0 C4AEF57D
    0221EEE4 DE8C0D8C
    0221EEE8 B72C482F
    0221EEEC E8215EF6
    0221EEF0 38ABD169
    0221EEF4 5E6B21F6
    0221EEF8 61A22D12
    0221EEFC 54795756
    0221EF00 D92C33A4
    0221EF04 C93BC19D
    0221EF08 6AF1D3EE
    0221EF0C 944125FD
    0221EF10 E327B81B
    0221EF14 6628BF8F
    0221EF18 828ECF56
    D2000000 00000000

    94000130 FFFB0000
    0221EF1C 9B6570BB
    0221EF20 63C50000
    0221EF24 92D74DD6
    0221EF28 DFEFD314
    0221EF2C 2161404E
    0221EF30 2AE2BEE9
    0221EF34 D76F048D
    0221EF38 A5CC6BF0
    0221EF3C 56E6037A
    0221EF40 4EAE417B
    0221EF44 F0F86730
    0221EF48 62B34317
    0221EF4C 8A7ABB32
    0221EF50 928ADD59
    0221EF54 2C5D6C4F
    0221EF58 4B209300
    0221EF5C C51BA830
    0221EF60 098D569A
    0221EF64 55C22579
    0221EF68 EB1889DA
    0221EF6C 6C52E405
    0221EF70 BD162753
    0221EF74 17ADFE75
    0221EF78 A38524D4
    0221EF7C 1FA9E319
    0221EF80 883137F6
    0221EF84 23FEF0BB
    0221EF88 6C929F69
    0221EF8C 9920846C
    0221EF90 C048E212
    0221EF94 4ED32157
    0221EF98 6282F41B
    0221EF9C 161EA9D6
    0221EFA0 B1718016
    D2000000 00000000
    all three level 100, Charizard is shiny, box four slots 1 2 and 3, holding leafstone, firestone and waterstone (good for evolving the three apes) and maxed stats except happieness.

  45. I got my Pokemon Black today, and when I turn it on with the Action Replay and load the game, the screen goes white and the game doesn't load AT ALL! I'm using a real DS Lite, NOT a ROM. Does this happen to everyone? Can anyone help?

  46. walkthou walls doesnt work it just puts me in a box help

  47. is there a move modifier code for the black and white version?


  49. For anyone experiencing the Incompatibility between Action Replay and Pokemon Black or White Versions (JPN), I have started a thread to explain the problem, organize us, and direct us to the people who can actually correct the problem. You can find it here:

  50. the experience codes are not working :(

  51. Liberty Ticket For black PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Found them on

    Max Money (Select)
    94000130 fffb0000
    0223cc0c 0098967f
    d2000000 00000000

    Auto Run (B to walk)
    2224f7ac 00000001
    94000130 fffd0000
    2224f7ac 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    No Wild Pokemon (Hold R for Instant Encounter)
    521a94b4 d1032800
    121aa4b0 0000e001
    d0000000 00000000
    521a94b4 d1032800
    94000130 feff0000
    121aa4b0 000046c0
    d2000000 00000000

    Catch Any Pokemon (L+R) (Select)
    94000130 fcff0000
    02233e0c 02890001
    02233e10 00640002
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 fffb0000
    da000000 02233e0e
    d3000000 00000000
    d7000000 0224fe70
    d3000000 00000000
    da000000 02233e12
    d3000000 00000000
    d7000000 0224fe72
    d3000000 00000000
    d9000000 0224fe70
    d3000000 00000000
    c0000000 00000037
    d6000000 0224fe70
    d2000000 00000000

    Box Pokemon Clone (Hold L while moving)
    94000130 fcff0300
    5200768c 1e523308
    1200768c 0000c303
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 fcff0100
    5200768c 1e52c303
    1200768c 00003308
    d2000000 00000000

  53. i need antifreezde and anti-crash codes for black n white or any one playing on no$gba

  54. Code to fix crashing, no ap exp bug and saving. Works perfect using no$zoomer

    52004EA0 E8BD01F0
    02004EA0 EAFFF25C
    E2001800 0000005C
    E92D4008 E3A00000
    E3A0150E E2811A06
    E5810B44 EA5FE9F2
    E59F4034 E59F5034
    E5845000 E59F4020
    E5945000 E59F601C
    E1550006 03A05001
    05C4500A 03A05000
    E1445DB4 E8BD01F0
    EA000D95 02180C60
    28AAFF1F 037FBFE0
    EAA01606 00000000
    D2000000 00000000

  55. Shiny Pokemon

    Yay finally got a shiny code for every1. There are no activation keys so if you don't want shiny youll have to restart the game without the code. Sorry I'll try to fix this...

    521A8764 21012006
    E2002200 00000028
    4C08B57E 88248865
    08ED4065 F1A7B40F
    1C06FDD7 40410401
    428D0CC9 D1F5BC0F
    BD7E1C30 0224F79C
    021A9764 FD4CF658
    D0000000 00000000

  56. anyone got a code for all Pokeballs??

  57. The shiny code doesn't work on victini and reshiram it freezes the game when the battle starts with them please help with that

  58. i know the save fix code for no$gba
    52004EA0 E8BD01F0
    02001800 E92D4008
    02001804 E3A00000
    02001808 E3A0150E
    0200180C E2811A06
    02001810 E5810B44
    02001814 EA5FE9F2
    02001818 E59F4034
    0200181C E59F5034
    02001820 E5845000
    02001824 E59F4020
    02001828 E5945000
    0200182C E59F601C
    02001830 E1550006
    02001834 03A05001
    02001838 05C4500A
    0200183C 03A05000
    02001840 E1445DB4
    02001844 E8BD01F0
    02001848 EA000D95
    0200184C 02180C80
    02001850 28AAFF1F
    02001854 037FBFE0
    02001858 EAA01606
    02004EA0 EAFFF25C
    D0000000 00000000

    pass blue screen

    02006F2C 00000000
    02180B8C 00000000

    can anyone give a anti-crash code for no$gba

  59. Can some one provide the anti crash codes (For rom-image has crashed) for pokemon black and white please???!!!

  60. err... a very common question. I can't get this from mystery gift, so has anyone found a liberty ticket code for pokemon black on DeSmuME?

  61. The Walk through walls code is correct, except you have to use R+A/R+B instead of L. It wouldn't work for me at first, so I tried different button xcombinations. This worked for me, should also work for everyone else out there. Hope this helped.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. I have the code for the Liberty Ticket Event. Press L+R. But it says too long to process. I will post it here in small segments.Here goes.

  64. 94000130 FCFF0000
    B2000024 00000000
    E001D0BC 00000A94
    65CAACD5 1D393299
    0EA57336 EDCB58E1
    959A63DA 6E594A58
    00851078 298B88EA
    0FD45071 75B67972
    F7491224 2539C727
    DEFEED81 D9298A56
    70A94BDB DA302651
    F5213902 9BB112A6
    C6203191 4D300394
    184A8284 1DF125BA
    616D0E0D 16DE6111
    DF0A89A7 AEADD71C
    0114896A 7C41105D
    BCF7ECA1 AB508D0A
    0CDB7F99 1746AD00
    1F28E6BB 306922F7
    FA4D26DC 0F3D66F7
    98BD5ED4 5A2ADC0A
    C13A864C E15B9D33
    1F5545DC 14E8259E
    60353C55 B9364818
    5796455A 7D9D29C0
    71149535 594C33FE
    F1A9BDE7 D26931B4
    CD74F180 937C0BB3
    15BB15B0 F30CD870
    43337C9E 518A32F7
    E07D56F8 716E0D1F
    58F4334B 2D9F70FF
    EFA51E94 3218E5A0
    229E3A17 DAC76AF3
    FE6BD850 9CB84105
    25DD83E4 9D72EE70
    920D5803 5CA13A14
    4E9FC86A 13F40C07
    B64BA2E4 B14869C9

  65. F399CAB6 8F0501BC
    C9EB3338 4EC8F9D2
    EAC0EFA7 BA42F587
    5B366C38 CE5F8711
    ADD02470 54A97FD6
    14796AB2 AEEED41E
    8EC81519 B9210609
    8855136D D5DE7B04
    CCDD823F C638D436
    1FE7E22D CD096391
    E60A3BBD 85BD949D
    5E2D48D1 359A91FD
    2C6A9273 BB565B72
    5837D958 5A01D24A
    0D0A1DED 4A670D59
    7D0A1935 BCE908CB
    03B50F76 E53D7041
    6E78D9A2 0CE893CA
    37EBB673 8152582B
    F0071337 17D393FE
    C9744DA1 5CF9B53C
    5AC3F8C9 A1D78203
    AE6E82BD 61E19786
    35610E94 231BE445
    5DBCDBC1 3472917E
    D1D7CEAC EE690FE2
    A385EE7E 59F83B8B
    E79DEC3C 61B0CB2E
    85B50716 F1227E8C
    4030E201 A681C02E
    387B1E82 FA86AE51
    7393D0CD 0293BF1E
    22C9210E 311A741D
    B4C9AE05 B83FD0EB
    F2D784D7 72BC892B
    AE5CC223 770519B9
    C2A13054 B8AC4125
    6ED97735 5C058B5F
    4C64B0CA A00DE4AE
    6551775D 828767E6
    2F25C0D6 8267DBDA

  66. 6DDA1B4F 2473940E
    43291EE7 1E27A8B0
    EE0C28D6 4AD9B9C9
    0185E150 0E6B3ABE
    E97108FC 56FEDC46
    B665602D 67FEF2C7
    23160F83 35E0F75B
    59D24973 910DCA73
    F5C43616 92C1F5C5
    D475C83D F4351984
    7B95CFC8 B400F8D2
    16FBDD37 ADBAD972
    52EACA81 07E22AC2
    9696FD24 9C01A7E7
    62E5B57C BD0E6949
    D979FF58 00149941
    AFEE17CA EB11C011
    135F5C3E AE21DB14
    402F16CE 4ADBB335
    D205BBD4 CDFB26A5
    10176CBF 7F4059C7
    B9ABD42A 2B97036F
    16DBAF2A ED79484C
    519897E7 1790D9A1
    5AF0E56D 25A04B3B
    E093B4C3 D7A4D49F
    16926F3D DB37F182
    596A620E A735957D
    EC413B20 6DA1E700
    576E7F28 47C9B587
    2B3E4CF4 00A71F0B
    2AF50206 218A18BC
    24129466 24F5CEEC
    F5D7B5B4 F3C7104D
    8D08137C 109B385F
    D7F248CD 15714D23
    F6AE550C 678D4414
    2BA6AC04 459FA257
    50583342 9423EC30
    D259C09F 0C0A97B7

  67. 7C9DEE1E AF9976CC
    90F556F7 A991CC48
    F5D891F3 FA908075
    7C657CFA 98B628BF
    82A7ADE9 E58BD6AA
    761B1CA9 9E20E206
    FA705A7C A9732261
    B88DEA9A 69174BBD
    19D78FFB 70146283
    73B3A476 C40B7AB6
    6749CD0B 0C9D366B
    798B9F7C 550DB778
    27750D21 4424F86B
    FA95A6FC EE54C0BE
    61CD0F0B A620A847
    52572ADD 6EBADDF5
    F50AEB68 F4EDA5B8
    E3DBBE18 323CC1C1
    062CE53B 127E3C78
    C05F0E1C C3DFF6FF
    00DC34E7 F744BEA5
    82B9F156 53B1D88A
    1881C052 F6FAAB86
    4B7C45CA B0AC4815
    AB33D7C6 072D7B8F
    9133A6BB 6B22E29B
    5D101720 3D10AEE5
    6CAC2040 8945140E
    54B9C451 9DF88FE4
    1D7BF5C6 DFAF81D2
    87D27DE0 7FE0C599
    9E77B88B F9DB4540
    17853967 79E6B649
    4A3BAE23 92A9F624
    BCFF9212 E4CCB9E8
    8FA686F7 9CDE8540
    45F26723 EB781CA2
    B65B64C1 DBA1E6C7
    2112CA70 2B74F156
    B3423112 0AFF8CE2
    FA983EE3 E56EB416
    0D0543CC 9868B22E
    68C246F9 BDB9BCA9
    D09459A8 EB31743C
    A8504344 0CCA8109
    95A1DAB1 3D10BE10
    6908A0E9 BFBDA7E5
    932470C7 02A302A3
    AA345822 C8CEEB20
    C3D9EE1D E3E9C761
    A71FBABD 1FE0CA50
    1ABD83BC 44C6FEAB
    D39B929C 52F90D3F
    C79547FE 5D833256
    E87E9033 A6C3166E
    8B670D13 E34C7E2A

  68. 0021090D C70D058D
    1CFF877F 40B15A65
    C2DF0647 0748AA04
    9D6BC49A 5E263635
    A39CA313 330B456E
    1C7FF10E FA83E241
    2C3BBB37 EE8F1E18
    2D526F5D 9385CB21
    5A26E98B A734E186
    8ABF3E59 DE4B03E1
    0ACBD67E 13FAD6EE
    CBE5AFAA CFD92082
    7819D692 4608E1BC
    28A76E4B 3598E079
    C507D8DB 4929540C
    4E2DD50D DDD4A92E
    9A0EA584 544A9133
    43619513 503CD07E
    D1A96C4B 89FE8037
    5D73AC54 1666B73A
    34DCA300 48FACE51
    4456AC1D 9449B3A6
    47AA340A 0C980172
    07404F8C 70C1CBFA
    259EFCE1 DD585ABC
    412E6215 8E0F40E4
    6E439C95 515B8905
    4D5DF601 9256E804
    41AC9245 1CE62B57
    8BD2EAEA 001F566F
    4CECABA9 32E52372
    B5D3C441 DED5DB2D
    E69FC389 7565B848
    426CCFC8 F34A49BB
    3B60D044 F6198880
    DAEB9C18 8830948A
    8A50424A C6D74CF5
    DF64BF1C C6A1377D
    7196B2A2 5A186B34
    FB2EEC94 9E98726F
    4AD9E165 737B5801
    C9645C93 3F7553AB
    97C70440 A841C9D2
    89658201 207D9272
    7E9264F6 6FD2BB52
    E355111A 99583978
    566E4FDC C4383DDF
    BC9955ED 0A912167
    4414525B 529F1C0D
    1C5FDADE 961A3B5B
    E642C972 3BDB4C21
    20145F25 67C5AB65
    1239C031 64E23297
    FFEB1D4D 8DCBB308
    A03D1E3F 574DB49D
    235D61B5 61496BBF
    48192655 B1DB1A95

  69. 45A37112 7EBE5175
    8D9844C1 28EEC296
    BD0D2DE4 170DA2EC
    6170741C 1D836ED5
    F7CC4CB4 9D609C94
    9CC04553 C547C91D
    50AE813A 54379DC1
    137A9996 E4EB5A9F
    F8912F15 8B839459
    772C00BB A964190B
    7AD69BF6 1B5B3079
    F82AF9EF 2608AB87
    09E19E22 C47976ED
    DA0B0A30 3D14A52A
    DB9C9AF3 20BA23B8
    182B22D2 18298F82
    95F5D557 23A2DC92
    1A2757FE 30CBC50E
    CB5C0C4F 2AD53365
    7863E72E E8E11BC5
    87456971 9E9F78CF
    D0878DB3 B3385F8E
    EAACBF67 226D5EA4
    A9FD2F2F CC009CC5
    D88C186E 55526A69
    6A75CC1B 814C3ABD
    B26794D8 228337D9
    5A62C842 0B96E638
    24C1998A A1DB8B64
    B97A8144 F63A4BF0
    03A44E7E 885834AB
    E33A3514 17F7A312
    371E6D42 289BC105
    8360387A 1B7107BE
    B7BF5F77 036CFDFE
    DA6F7D92 97B1A588
    9B1CAD54 E8344BD2
    122E6A4B B8A2B1FA
    304EBC21 A582BFF6
    A229FEE9 7796370F
    2C73DCBC 49861790
    C42E4C84 63C0ADB9
    E72CAA17 F29979FA
    F8D23B86 FAB7685D
    A71DB7B7 2FB30B42
    9BEAA231 90FACD52
    FE719036 F0F34EAD
    8912AB17 CA666165
    375303C3 081B5930
    D0298BA0 A2C1A258
    D076C69D 3911D3F5
    79D28A87 0633B15E
    098E5F9C DA60CEDC
    5BF5565D F9C7CDA1
    7FD566A8 05B462F8
    FE3DAC05 53EF9EBC

  70. DA87133F 5861250E
    8E984D36 04FD4F41
    87651AF3 43DD6819
    E5B946FC EFAB7735
    8736DFE9 EE424FC8
    9B998837 5194D68F
    4A41EF5C A2CDB2FE
    9CD5D018 D261CE51
    2AC3BCAE 9AFC121E
    A3C22100 A405C68C
    88CFA14E 50A72488
    E8DD0789 1561FB2E
    E81D0D28 DAE6FFC3
    777FEE3C AB4528E8
    007919C1 0D4A890D
    09069337 B2225C23
    13F1D971 59453C95
    415366AC 0E90B378
    735A1DE3 26B09800
    FB4B3961 9DC6F235
    12C98E97 BC4854E7
    A5563B2F 2625E2DF
    2E1A0F60 B82C7356
    ADE34983 D7AD89AA
    FD6C76E6 1860144F
    FFE28DE0 5C862703
    79A39525 D34E2445
    8F486C5B 79790A06
    30E589EC 0040D5A1
    F58EC21D 3E743308
    2B1D6B5F 8FE7EB40
    1E3273E5 C70AC60F
    DE7B3C76 94D7D2F3
    03354C83 8AF04D55
    33F2337B 1C088FFE
    799C2B5E 3E81CBC9
    9BB95090 9556759A
    0DEF82EF 433B9F8E
    31CA4427 CC02B173
    F0BD2744 A840347A
    F266A588 6F30A62B
    F3166C7E BAD68698
    FE8F794E 2A6715D5
    930F9553 26E774A6
    F08D07EA 4E131C7A
    1842918C A782E298
    406A041E 0806FA97
    8B803D94 00000000
    D2000000 00000000

  71. That should be the entire code. Before entering the code into you cheats database, please make another copy of it. Then enter this code. If it crashes the game, find your old copied version of your cheats database and replace the file over the one with this code in. The game should then work again. I hope this code works for you all. Don't complain to me if this doesn't work, I have told you what to do if it doesn't, and this took a long time to find, so please appreciate my hard work and posting it here. many Thanks.

  72. Thanks man the ticket words :)

  73. i tried to put on the desmume and its too long to enter. is there a shorter one? plz help.

  74. my screen gose white and dosent move on for my AR for DSi

  75. can anyone give me an action replay code for completing the pokedex in pokemon white please?


    There ya go guys..there should be some fairly new-ish codes there.

  77. hi i may like to have code for change the trainer form like in diamond and pearl your trainer is team galactic cyrus cyntia anyway it will be cool if someone do it

  78. hey can anyone make a code for c gear

  79. i need help all i get is 2 white screens or just a black screen. please email me with help.

  80. Pokemon in my opinion is a great game is the best RPG I've played so far, the black and white is better than an out and has a very good graphics. If you have more info on this game visit my site:

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  81. that is because you need a certain version of nogba or desume

  82. I did the movie event with celibi but I got an egg holding a berry.Its said that the egg came from _ _ _ _ _ _ like that is it still celibi

  83. não sei se percebem português mas gostaria de saber se existe algum código no pokemon black que apareça todos os lendarios que guisermos na erva. Obrigado pela atenção!

  84. Thanks Trevor you're the only person with a working liberty tickect code.

  85. Trevor, how do i get the code to work? i have desmume 0.9.5. do i enter each post of the cheat as a serperate cheat? or the whole thing in one entry?

    also, i have a wild pokemon modifier for anyone who'd like it. i'm not 100% sure it works though because i haven't tried honestly. hahaha.

    Toss amount of Pokeballs as NATIONAL POKEDEX Number (EX: 649-30= Pokedex Number 30) and toss Ultra Balls for Level
    94000130 FCFF0000
    02233E0C 02890001
    02233E10 00640002
    D2000000 00000000
    94000130 FFFB0000
    DA000000 02233E0E
    D3000000 00000000
    D7000000 0224FE70
    D3000000 00000000
    DA000000 02233E12
    D3000000 00000000
    D7000000 0224FE72
    D3000000 00000000
    D9000000 0224FE70
    D3000000 00000000
    C0000000 00000037
    D6000000 0224FE70
    D2000000 00000000

  86. I use desmume, and only one code worked, but it wont activate the zorua event DX DESMUME ROCKS BUTS SUCKS AT THE SAME TIME!!!

  87. hello friends will not have an action replay code for free ticket for the event of victini? if any could give it to me ... I also I have many if you need some just ask him I have of any pokemon greetings

  88. did you use a translator to post that

  89. does any body know the 512 exp multipliplier code

  90. 512 exp multiplier code

  91. plz help is there a fast egg hatching code cuz i am trying to make my tepig\pokabu egg hatch

  92. can anyone tell me a better "catch trainer's pokemone" code? the one shown gives you the first pokemon the trainer sends out, regardless of which one you use the pokeball on.

  93. Anyone got Pokemon Soul Silver AR Codes? [I Need Them sorry for bringing this up] :(

  94. anyone got a working TM code? this one doesn't work. I'm using deSmuMe and action replay codes

  95. Does anyone got code for shiney Entei,Raiko, and Suicune. Also i need to know code for Zorua and Zoroark, If so plz send me E-mail or just post it here thank you

  96. Super Reshiram
    With Ultimate mode


    94000130 FFFB0000
    0221FE0C 9075E926
    0221FE10 F0880000
    0221FE14 C0E7DAB2
    0221FE18 BC0C7674
    0221FE1C 0206EFE0
    0221FE20 D6A421AF
    0221FE24 7120E772
    0221FE28 2325BD8D
    0221FE2C BA8572C3
    0221FE30 BBA9858F
    0221FE34 370073C6
    0221FE38 A1514723
    0221FE3C D4736447
    0221FE40 C44015C1
    0221FE44 7E51BE92
    0221FE48 76E1D144
    0221FE4C B4ECDDDB
    0221FE50 40DD93F2
    0221FE54 C33AD255
    0221FE58 A44AA768
    0221FE5C 026BB301
    0221FE60 A3BE8A58
    0221FE64 1E11B22A
    0221FE68 052318A5
    0221FE6C 6D33163F
    0221FE70 4C5EF7F7
    0221FE74 F26A2762
    0221FE78 B849C226
    0221FE7C F5F4FD42
    0221FE80 12C51CDA
    0221FE84 FAACE1D4
    0221FE88 1EDD4238
    0221FE8C 2E35FA8C
    0221FE90 CD2DE802
    D2000000 00000000

  97. I heard that pokemon black and white is coming on March 6 2011

  98. Ghost man you suck because would I catch the trainer's pokemon I lose and lose money

  99. EXP cheat code crashing DeSuME Fix

    open your DeSuME directory and then open the cheats folder, look for the game thats crashing (specifically pkmn black or white) and make sure its a .DCT then right click on it and press OPEN

    then click Select a program from list.... then hit ok

    now look through the list for NotePad... then press ok

    once you have the cheats list open in notepad look for the EXP cheat code.... mainly look for the name you gave it

    now that you have found it select the code and the name, and delete

    save the file and play your game... also maybe find a different code :P

  100. grrr the rare candy cheat are placed at the tm and hms i cant use it properly

  101. s'il vous plaît j'ai besoin d'un code ar pour le billet liberté sur white.

  102. Pokemon black liberty pass give wonder card help?


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